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The JumpStart Program gives marketers a way to on-board an enterprise grade SaaS customer engagement solution, quickly with minimal investment and headroom to grow.
Demonstrate the value of customer engagement initiatives with minimal investment.
The Loyalty Lab JumpStart program comes with a manageable set of features and functions to significantly reduce dependency on IT and empower the marketer.
Month-to-month contract reduces risk and fast-tracks the approval process.
Upgrade to full license to unlock expanded feature set at any time to capitalize upon your initial success.
What is the Loyalty Lab JumpStart Program?
The TIBCO Loyalty Lab® JumpStart program allows marketers to experience the value of a fast, affordable customer engagement platform and to quickly gain insights via measurable program results.
How Much Does the Program Cost?
The Loyalty Lab JumpStart program is billed as a recurring subscription of $7,500 per month payable by credit card or standard invoice.
What Value Will I Get?
The program is designed as an affordable pilot to demonstrate the value of a customer engagement initiative. The platform comes pre-configured with tried and tested offers to empower the marketer to begin targeting customer behaviors in the following ways: purchase frequency, revenue per customer, average order value, program enrollment. You may also create custom offers suited to your business objectives.
Can I Scale Up or Opt-Out?
You may upgrade to a full subscription to capitalize on your initial success, continue running the Loyalty Lab JumpStart program on the recurring month-to-month subscription basis at the same level of functionality, or terminate the program entirely at any time.
What Type of Support Do I Get?
The Loyalty Lab JumpStart program comes with self-guided training modules to get you up and running quickly at your pace with little IT effort. However our support team is also available to help you anywhere along the way, during standard business hours. See the Maintenance Program Guide for standard support details.
How Do I Get Started?
The Loyalty Lab JumpStart program is designed to enable enterprises to operate a customer loyalty initiative with the least amount of strain on internal resources possible. Prior to enrollment, it is recommended you secure at least one dedicated IT resource to assist with initial set-up, and one dedicated marketing resource to manage the pilot program. Once your internal resources are in place you may enroll in the Loyalty Lab JumpStart program via the TIBCO® Cloud Marketplace. After your account is setup, you will receive all the necessary login credentials to begin.